Registration: until July20th 2021

Registration: until July20th 2021

International Piano competition for Amateurs

The First „Piano Chamber Cologne“ will take place from August, 26th to August 29th. The Piano Chamber Cologne is an international piano competition for amateurs and is aimed at all piano lovers, whether young or old.

The competition is called „Klavierzimmer“- „Piano Chamber“  because it emphasises the idea of the private and contrasts it with a professional career.
It is explicitly aimed at adult piano lovers, regardless of age. The reason is: while you can get together with other instruments in orchestras of lovers as a piano-playing person you sometimes remain quite alone.

So the primary goal is sharing experience of playing the piano: the Piano Chamber is designed as a competition, but it is meant to facilitate encounters and inspiring togetherness. It is meant to offer a space where one can display and expand one’s skill level, where one can pause for a moment, play for oneself and others, listen, reflect, meet like-minded people and receive new ideas in the magical power of the piano.

The competition format is based on the great necessity for live music and live performances. With the hygiene concept currently being worked out, these requirements can probably be met at the time planned.

Online participation

Alternatively, there is always the possibility of online participation with the submission of one or more videos. A separate video may be recorded for each piece.

The videos may not be edited or processed in any other way. The videos must be recorded explicitly for this competition. To make this clear, please place a paper with the inscription «First Cologne Piano Room» clearly visible in the picture.

The videos will be sent by email: via We will then upload the videos to the competition’s YouTube channel.

The competition is aimed at people of all ages in the same way. Everyone is welcome, whether to perform live or to send in a video. The crucial thing is that you do not earn your living by playing the piano in public, in whole or in part, and that you do not study towards it. After all, we are talking about amateurs here!

The brief presentation of our idea culminates in Egon Friedell’s declaration of love for dilettantism:

Only talents are original, geniuses only repeat the same truths over and over again.

According to the applicable hygiene regulations, the award winners will have a final concert either in open air form or at the competition location in the Kunigunde sound space. The concert will take place on Sunday, August 29th, 2021 at 3 p.m. and is public

Competition 21

The event takes place in the Church of St. Heinrich and Kunigund in Nippes, Cologne. Play-in opportunities for the participants can be reached on foot in 3 minutes. The public will be present according to the then prevailing hygiene regulations.

The repertoire of the participants is freely selectable. Everyone should present their favorite pieces, including their own compositions, from 5 to a maximum of 15 minutes. Playing by heart is welcome but not compulsory.

The competition format is based on the great need for live music and live performances. With the hygiene concept currently being worked out, it is likely that these requirements can be met at the planned time. Alternatively, there is always the option of participating online by submitting a video via a link.

The competition only has one round. Each participant receives a participant diploma. Prizes are awarded according to a point system. The first prize of the respective group will be a professional video / sound recording, which will be made freely available to the winners.


The jury consists of personalities from the piano world who are highly experienced in both
concert performance and pedagogy, and for whom the artistic idea of amateur music-making
occupies an important position in everyday life.

Conditions of participation

The competition is aimed at piano players of all ages. There are 7 age categories.

A • 4-8 years (born 2013 and later)
                   B • 9-12 years (born 2009-2012)
C • 13-16 years (born 2005-2008)
                   D • 17-21 years (born 2000-2004)
E • 22-41 years (born 1980- 1999)
                   F • 42-65 years (born 1979-1956)
G • 66-99 years (born before 1955)

The entry fee is 35 Euros for categories A,B,C and D.
The participation fee is 65 Euros for categories E,F, and G.

Finale concert
In accordance with the applicable hygiene regulations, there will be a final concert of the prize-winners either in open-air form or at the competition venue in the Klangraum Kunigunde. The concert will take place on Sunday, August 29th 2021 at 3 p.m. and is open to the public.


Prizes are awarded according:

All participants will receive a diploma
The first prize for each group will be a professional video/sound recording, which will be made freely available to the prize winners


Invitation to the Bösendorfer piano factory

Further prizes: Concert participation, money prize, music score, vouchers etc.



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